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Katherine Gregory, Founder and Visionary of Katherine’s Château

Our StoryKathy spent most of her career in the financial services sector, deeply embedded in the Toronto Bay Street culture. An entrepreneur at heart, as CEO, Kathy founded a national lending & mortgage servicing company over 20 years ago, building it to over $30 billion in assets under the administration with over 400 employees and ultimately successfully sold the organization in 2021.

With her company sold, her children grown and embarking on a new chapter, Kathy wanted to create something that spoke to her soul and encompassed her lifelong passion of hosting and organizing social gatherings with friends/family, travel, champagne/wines and home décor. Why not create it all in one place with a sense of comfortable elegance? She learned the technical term is “interactive retail”—not just shopping or dining, but a combination of both.

“I deeply wanted to create a space where my family and friends would truly enjoy not only the lovely ambiance of old Europe, but great wines and food supported by the wonderful local Canadian farm-to-table opportunities. Champagnes, wines, lovely pastries, and gourmet food shouldn’t be just for special occasions. Plus, you can meet new friends along the way. We learned through COVID to celebrate and enjoy getting together as often as possible. That’s what Katherine’s Château is all about: getting together and making every day as special as possible. That experience shouldn’t end when the meal is over. Katherine’s Château extends the experience by providing a shopping experience where you might find that special set of wine glasses, the unique candle, French tea towel, or Irish wool throw. “

The goal is to constantly update the offerings at Katherine’s Château.

“Without question there will be some traditional staples at Katherine’s Château, such as the afternoon tea and lovely French quiches & pastries. But I believe it’s important to create new experiences. Maybe because I can become easily bored and I am always looking for something new, I think it is vitally important to consistently update our beverage offering, our gourmet food selection and certainly our new home décor pieces. Every visit should bring something new to our senses, just like traveling from country to country. As an avid lover of gardening, it was equally important for me to create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary and garden for our patio & porch seating. I am already in love with the transformation of adding over 100 blue hydrangeas and fountains to the overall ambiance. The garden space will always be a work in progress as we continue to add pieces to complement the peaceful sanctuary environment.”

Why choose Collingwood to fulfill your passionate vision?

I have many great memories in Collingwood when my children were young, and we spent many winters skiing with dear friends. Collingwood has of course grown and become incredibly vibrant; it is not just a winter destination, but all-season now. This idea coupled beautifully with historic Collingwood, and I was able to find a perfect heritage location, right in the centre of downtown Collingwood. A match made in heaven. We have also created a private dining area for businesses and local organizations/groups to hold their events. Over my career, it was always important for me to create ‘offsite experiences’ for my team. The new environments made a huge difference to our meetings together, and we plan on becoming a huge contributor to the Collingwood community and bringing the joy of a new offsite meeting/gathering location. The vision was also to create a lovely private space for celebrations, such as baby and wedding showers and birthdays, providing a unique experience tailored just for you.

I want to personally thank Karim Morgan, the café and boutique Managing Director. The heavens above sent him to me to run Katherine’s Château. We have worked together for many years, and he and I share many of the same thoughts and ideas. However, his attention to detail, thoughtfulness, exquisite taste and aspirations to build the most amazing client experience I know will without question ensure our customer satisfaction and overall success in the community.”

Kathy has a long history of deeply passionate philanthropic endeavours, notably The Canadian Women’s Foundation, focused on helping women and girls across Canada in various communities out of poverty, the Princess Margaret foundation and a multitude of equity and equal rights groups. She plans to expand this passion into the local community within Collingwood.

Karim Morgan, Managing Director of Katherine’s Château

Karim MorganOur Managing Director Karim lends his distinctive creative flair to designing unique experiences and unforgettable events in the elegant setting of Katherine’s Château.

Karim’s personal touch and care are reflected in his thoughtful approach and dedication to guest service and the pride Karim takes in developing partnerships with the diverse culinary artisans and community groups in Collingwood and its surrounds.

Karim welcomes you to discover the finest selection of champagnes and mercantile at Katherine’s Château and looks forward to ensuring every visit is memorable.

Be sure to say hello and hear more about what’s to come when you stop by to visit our gorgeous home décor boutique and champagne lounge. Santé.